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One version of the truth

Combining all your asset information into one, easily accessible, location opens up a number of efficiency gains for your organization. Data is more reliable and easily accessible by the decision makers within your organization.

Make smarter decisions

By focusing your energy on the questions at hand, and eliminating the worries about how and where to find the data you need, you are able to drive better decisions for your organization. This translates into better decision making and increased efficiency within your organization.

Easy access to data

Whether it be from the boardroom, or side of the road, critical information about your infrastructure is easily accessible. This opens up endless possibilities to further automate countless procedures and increase the efficiency of a time constrained workforce.

Asset Management

Seamless information system

Today’s business environment demands the most geo-centric activities ever performed. Built on Esri's industry-leading ArcGIS for Gas framework, Novara software allows you to add or update critical asset information with a minimum of effort.

Using this powerful interface, you can complete your daily activities, quickly produce detailed maps and reports and generate the information needed by your organization.


More than a database

Whether it’s meter reading, inspecting for leaks, recording rectifier readings, documenting and inspecting exposed pipe, servicing valves, or one of the dozens of other activities, being efficient and effective makes you a better utility.

We partner with you to create the best workflows, identify the most effective forms, deploy the right solutions, and get the work done.

Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management

Built to Industry Standards

GIS is a powerful tool for gaining a detailed understanding of your system by identifying and quantifying threats and modelling risk.

Built on Esri’s template for DIMP, our experts provide an end-to-end system. Our mobile tools integrate your field data while our desktop solutions perform customizable DIMP analyses and generate reports. Communicate results via web maps or dashboards to everyone involved in making decisions.

Operational Awareness

More than a database

All staff need information to make decisions but the right information at the right time has to be easy-to-use and maintain. That’s why we help you design, create a dashboard and achieve your goals in just three easy steps.

In seconds, you can find the right information using our easy-to-understand maps, lists, charts, and gauges. Also, integrate operational data from OSIsofts PI and valuable maintenance or historical records stored in your ERP.

Leak Survey Toolkit

Seamless information system

Leak survey is critical for a utility or pipeline operator. Our leak survey toolkit coalesces field data and exposes information when and where it is needed.

The tool kit contains three specific elements:

  • The field applications
  • Operations dashboard
  • Executive compliance dashboard

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